You can go in whatever direction you want, but we recommend going through our beginner guides so you have a good feel for what the site is about and learn the Venatores methodology.

We started this site with beginners in mind, so we’ve laid out our methods in a very straightforward fashion so beginners can learn quickly and get out in the field.

As such we’d recommend the following articles to get you started:

How to Start Hunting for Beginners

A History and Primer for Hunting on Public Lands

How to Find Public and Private Land to Hunt

5 Fundamentals of Basic Rifle Marksmanship

Beginner Hunting Tactics & Strategies

How to Zero a Scope

How to Track a Scope

What’s a Set It and Forget It Scopes and How to Choose One

Hunting Methods of Take

Minutes of Angle for Dummies (And Beginners)

We recommend everyone go through our starter section to remind them to have a beginners mentality, and being open to any wisdom that we drop in front of you.

Begin with reading our hunting tutorials, hunting guides, animal guides, and gear guides to get started.