The purpose of this site is to help guys who live as either urban city dwellers or suburban areas, engage in meaningful hunting and harvesting practices, and foster meaningful relationships with nature and loved ones.

We do that through being radically transparent with our ideas and sharing them with you.

In our experience, most people who hunt were mostly born into it and they already had a support system in place to take them hunting and go through a “right of passage”.

But as we got older, we realized this was wasn’t the case for many guys.

In fact, there were so many guys out there who either wanted to go hunting and didn’t know where to start, or wanted to try hunting but felt like it was out of reach, or just wanted to challenge themselves athletically and mentally in a way that put them more in touch with nature.

We were pretty shocked at how many guys weren’t afforded the rite of passage with nature that we were so lucky to have, and we wanted to create a space where you can have your own rite of passage and also give you the tools to become a real outdoorsman.

If you feel like any of those statements describes you or your situation, then this site is here to support you on this journey to connect with the outdoors.

That said, you can’t stay a beginner forever!

So for those guys who need more than beginner material, we also wanted to build a community for guys who have made that step to intermediate hunters or are already active outdoorsman to meet other hunters and exchange the best ideas for all to see.

That’s why we also have our advanced section for everyone else who are not beginners, which includes technical reviews, hunting advice, big game hunts, small game hunts, several day hunts, exotic hunts, foreign hunts, hunting tips, and whatever we can think of that will help guys have more meaningful hunts and form more meaningful relationships.

The Authors


Mitch is the less outdoorsy (but far more handsome) of the two authors. He’s Northern California born and bred. He helped start the site because after so many years of living in urban cities (NYC & SF), he noticed he had essentially lost touch with the woods. This was the same for his friends and peers well. Everyone had become total city dwellers and didn’t consistently go to the woods. His wants to change that. Don’t be fooled, you can still classify him as a devout city dweller (he won’t ever give up his love for hipster coffee houses), but he loves getting to the woods as often as possible.


Bobby is the brains and brawn behind Venatores. He’s been hunting with his dad since he could walk. He took a few years off of hunting to serve a few tours of duty in Iraq, but rediscovered his love of hunting when he returned. Since, he’s dedicated his time to perfecting his hunting game in every way he can. He prefers to remain anonymous.