The purpose of this site is to help guys who live as either urban city dwellers or suburban areas, engage in meaningful hunting and harvesting practices, and foster meaningful relationships with nature and loved ones.

We do that by starting from the very foundation of hunting that most newbies are too afraid to ask for fear of being reprimanded. 

In our experience, most people who hunt were mostly born into it and they already had a support system in place to take them hunting and go through a “right of passage”. We thought this was normal.

But as we got older, we realized this was wasn’t the case for many people.

In fact, there were so many guys out there who either wanted to go hunting and didn’t know where to start, or wanted to try hunting but felt like it was out of reach, or just wanted to challenge themselves athletically and mentally in a way that puts them more in touch with nature.

We want to enable anyone to have their own rites of passage and also give you the tools to become a real outdoorsman.

If you’re ready to start your outdoor adventure head over to our getting started page. We cover the fundamentals of where to find land, methods of take and what you really need to start hunting (HINT: it’s not as much as you think). 

Enjoy your time on the site and drop us a line if there’s specific articles you’d like to see.